The Hashtag’d Platform




The world's top brands use our platform for trusted consumer creativity. Here are some of the key features they rely on...


Every Network, Every Post

  • Combine content directly uploaded & shared to any major network
  • These include Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and replies on Facebook
  • Your consumer creativity can include text, photo and video posts


Real and Real-Time

  • As soon as a social post is made it's available within Hashtag'd
  • There's no delay, no waiting, just trusted consumer creativity
  • We don't limit you and we don't charge more for real-time responsiveness


Consumers + Brands

  • Combine the best of brand and rights-managed consumer content
  • Whitelist your own content so you don't ask yourself for usage rights
  • Amplify activations by having followers contribute too

Sift & Select

TreasureHunter™ Technology

  • Specify your perfect post in 6 criteria and let the platform do the rest
  • Advanced machine learning sifts with photo understanding and logo recognition
  • Natural language AI selects submissions by sentiment and contextual meaning

Sift & Select

Auto-Actions Save You Time

  • Powerful auto-actions can automatically disqualify content that's not right
  • Remove submissions that feature inappropriate content in over 20 languages
  • Match keywords like your competitors' names or common complaint topics

Sift & Select

Cloud Moderation

  • Optionally let our 24x7 human moderators keep your campaign on track
  • Three human moderators will check every submission against your criteria
  • Ideal for out-of-hours coverage or for one-off campaign bursts

Usage Rights

Get Permission To Use

  • With easy rights management, you request permission with a click
  • Contributors can respond directly on-network, maximising participation
  • You get a comprehensive audit trail, supporting legal and compliance

Usage Rights

Go Comprehensive

  • Our optional comprehensive entry confirmation goes a step further
  • Contributors go to a microsite we run on your behalf to confirm
  • You can age-gate and collect extra info in a GDPR-compliant way

Usage Rights

Across Every Network

  • Whichever type you choose, rights management works across networks
  • Uniquely in one click, you can gain permission to use social content
  • We offer enterprise-grade auditing and compliance features


Deploy Everywhere

  • Deploy your selection of rights-managed consumer content everywhere
  • Cluster specific streams of content to power individual media channels
  • Keep on top of your campaign with a live-updating analytics dashboard


Fuel Paid Social Ads

  • Make consumer creativity fuel your next Instagram or Facebook ad campaign
  • Our platform auto-generates new ad creatives as soon as content is ready
  • Dynamic optimization tech means more creative options can increase your ROI


Leverage in out-of-home

  • Keep your digital outdoor ads dynamic with live social content
  • Ensure you comply with even the strictest moderation waivers
  • We're pre-integrated with some of the world's top OOH media owners


Feed Dynamic Rich Media

  • Let your banner ads come to life with trusted consumer creativity
  • Our feeds integrate straight into the leading rich media ad studio
  • If needed, we can even serve content directly from our 150+ PoP CDN

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