Boost your brand equity by showcasing authentic UGC from your audience.

It’s a no-brainer.

People trust people like them.

In our research they trusted other people on social up to 3x more than they trusted brands.

By showcasing content selected from their peers, you show yourself as authentic and trustworthy.

Hubs & Galleries

Live Events

Feeds & API integration

Their content, your controls.

You don't want your hard-won equity to be tarnished by inappropriate content from your audience.

That's why our best-in-class moderation tools help you identify and approve only the good stuff!

Permission granted.

Consumers know their rights - and so should you. Never use their content without asking.

Our platform lets you effortlessly request the right to use content in whatever ways you need.

Social meet physical.

Your audience is creating content like never before, with more than 100 million photos posted per day.

Now you can leverage this in the real world by showcasing on live screens and digital out-of-home (dOOH)

Which network? All of them.

It's time to say goodbye to social silos and break down individual networks' barriers.

Showcase Twitter tweets alongside Instagram posts, and YouTube videos next to Facebook posts.

Hello wheat! Goodbye chaff.

Not everything that's shared to social is great quality, but sifting manually can take hours.

Tell our unique TreasureHunter™ technology what you're looking for - then sit back and relax.

All hands to deck.

If your brand is popular or your campaign takes off you might need help with moderation to keep up.

Our 'Cloud Moderation' service has got you covered; on-demand human moderation when you need it.