About Our Products

There are myriad ways to unleash your audience's creativity using Hashtag'd. Here's a quick rundown of how our products can help:

Want To Drive Engagement?

Social Hub

Want all social content - text, photo and video - in one place,
with you in control? Create a social hub to make it happen.
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Hashtag Galleries

Want to drive social engagement for your brand? Show hashtagged
photos & videos in a beautiful fully-customizable gallery or mosaic.
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Photo Contests

Looking to drive reach & brand awareness? Curate photographs from
multiple social platforms and put them to audience vote via Twitter & Facebook.
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Video Challenges

Want to follow Coke & crowd-source your next TV ad? Ask fans to
shoot Instagram, Vine & YouTube videos on a theme of your choice!
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Live Events

Prioritize your audience - put their social submissions on big
screens live at your product launch, conference or sports event.
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Tag & Unlock

Set a target for the number of submissions - then show a dynamic
countdown to see how close your audience is getting to the big reveal!
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Want To Source Fresh Content?

Content Library Top-up

Got a hectic publishing calendar & need more content?
Reach out to your audience to share their photos & videos.
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User-Created Ads

Turn curated user photos directly into your next paid
social advertising creative on Facebook and Instagram.
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Social Feed

Source, moderate, and rights manage user-generated content
then feed it to a digitial outdoor, dynamic display, or elsewhere.
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Want To Drive Sales?

Shoppable Selfies

Want to turn your customers into brand ambassadors?
Place their selfies right onto your e-commerce product pages.
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Want to reward your audience? Give them an instant voucher or
prize to thank them for confirming a submitted photo or video.
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