Blog: Apple Arrives On Instagram: #ShotoniPhone

Today Apple launched its official Instagram account - and it's entirely powered by UGC. We took a look...

Today Apple launched its official Instagram account, @apple — and they’re putting their customers’ creativity front and center.

In fact, the account only contains consumer-created content.

It’s a continuation of the brand’s “Shot on iPhone” billboard ad campaign which is glorifying the beauty captured by their customers in cities across the world, and cements the company’s use of earned content as a core marketing strategy (see also their use of audience Tweets at the heart of the current iPad Pro campaign.)

More than a trillion photos taken on iPhone each year. Apple wants to leverage that huge depth of content to showcase the creativity and diversity of iPhone users, whilst haloing the technical capability of their devices’ cameras and the software that helps creators enhance their photos.

So how does it work?

  • Apple and their team find photos captured with an iPhone — they’re encouraging users to tag their posts #ShotoniPhone
  • Apple ask the creator if they can share them from the company’s account.
  • Apple adds the submissions in groups of four or five to a gallery post.
  • Apple is also using Instagram video to add a bit of color with interviews of the creators in soundbites that TechCrunch think are reminicent of Humans of New York.
  • Apple is also sharing Instagram stories with the same format.

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