Blog: New: Hashtag’d Advisor Helps Brands And Agencies Pick The Perfect Campaign Hashtag

You need this new AI-powered tool...

Here at Hashtag’d we are proud to have powered campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies. One of the most common questions we get asked in the planning stages of a new initiative is seemingly simple:

“What hashtag should we choose for our campaign?”

Over time we learned more and more about what worked and what didn’t. We even made a blog post covering some of the key factors to consider.

But now we’ve gone one step further: we’ve decided to distill all that wisdom into a simple tool that any of our clients can use whenever they need.

We’ve called it Hashtag Advisor, and we started rolling it our to clients today.

Let me explain how it works.

Step 1: Enter a possible hashtag, topic or the theme of your campaign

After signing in to the Hashtag’d platform, our clients simply click the ‘wand’ icon in the top menu.

If there’s already a hashtag under consideration, enter it. Otherwise just type a word or two that describes the category, topic, or campaign theme.

Step 2: Choose a hashtag to start learning more about its usage today

We’ll propose a shortlist of up to ten hashtags that we think could be relevant for the campaign.

Click on each to see exactly how much that hashtag is currently being used on social media, as well as our own advice on whether and how that hashtag could fit with the campaign’s goals.

Step 3: Decide if the hashtag fits your needs (and isn’t inappropriate..!)

Continue to scroll down the page to see a breakdown of the level of visual engagement with this hashtag measured by the proportion of Twitter posts that include images, as well as the proportion of prior posts featuring a hashtag (a high percentage can often imply this hashtag is being used by another company in a commercial context.)

Continue to scroll to our measures of simplicity, which tells you the number of syllables we estimate to pronounce your proposed hashtag, and gives guidance accordingly.

See also our the results of our unique swear-checking technology: we’ll check for words and sub-words within the hashtag that could be deemed inappropriate in 22 different languages around the world. Right now we check for any one of 2,400 inappropriate words — after all, nobody wants a repeat of the Susan Boyle album party debacle (Google it to learn more..!)

Step 4: Take a look at recent content featuring the hashtag you chose

Finally, if the hashtag is being used already, you’ll want to get a taste for some of the content that is already being shared using it.

This helps avoid any collisions with competitive brands, as well as sidestepping the challenges around moderating large quantities of inappropriate or irrelevant content.

Step 5: Launch your campaign

Once you’re satisfied with your hashtag choice, you’re ready to go! Our platform will gather user generated content shared across any combination of Twitter, Instagram, your Facebook Page, and YouTube.

Our unique TreasureHunter® technology can then sift through this sea of content to find only the very best content based on criteria you specify.

In a click you can then request permissions to use that content across touchpoints — and our platform can feed live content into myriad owned and paid touchpoints, including rich media ads, digital outdoor, and beyond.

If you’re a client with our self-service offering you can commence the campaign yourself — simply click the ‘New Campaign’ icon in the top navigation bar. Otherwise, reach out to your Hashtag’d account manager and we’ll be able to get you live!

We hope you’ve found this runthrough useful. If you’re a brand or agency but you’re not yet a client, and would like access to the Hashtag’d Advisor then please reach out and we’ll see if what we can do to help!