Case Study: Major Mobile Phone Brand

A major mobile phone manufacturer used our unique TreasureHunter™ to effortlessly find UGC matching their criteria.


A major mobile phone manufacturer was keen to integrate live social content into their above-the-line campaign, across digital display ads as well as potential for digital outdoor and other media. Their challenge was finding great content amongst a sea of user-generated submissions.


The company and their agency partner used our unique TreasureHunter™ capabilities to effortlessly search hundreds of thousands of pieces of social content shared across three networks based on their own criteria - including sentiment, key words, and image recognition - before being able to secure usage rights from the individuals that had submitted the content.


A highly curated selection of perfectly on-message authentic social content was available instantly, and ready to populate display ads and other media automatically - saving the team hours of time (and boosting compliance via a solid audit trail showing contributors' consent.)