Case Study: RSPCA

The RSPCA wanted to spread the word about their brand and drive fundraising with a positive and engaging message.


Each year the RSPCA looks to drive fundraising; this year they chose to drive social as a key part of their awareness-raising efforts, but were conscious of the cost of developing a custom solution - as well as being aware of the need for solid moderation capabilities to ensure all submissions met their guidelines.


The RSPCA and their creative agency used our 'Photo Contest' product to run their challenge: finding the world's happiest pet, in photos shared on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #happypet. The moderated submissions were then made available for public vote, with a live leaderboard shown on the brand's website and Facebook Page.


Thousands of photos were shared and votes were cast across social networks, driving millions of potential impressions and helping the charity continue to raise awareness and drive donations.